About Me

Justin Tomlin is a photographer out of Jacksonville,Fl who specializes in street photography and portraits.

Justin has done work for Bonsoir Southern Flea Market (discontinued), MTN PHNX Recordings, Pardonne Gallery, 8103 Clothing, Groundwerk Media, BBCIceCream, etc.

Photo Credit: Kevin House


S.O.T.I (Straight Off The iPhone)- 2018

Elevator-May 2019

VoyageMIA-August 2019

Mieux Magazine (discontinued)-September 2019

RadX Magazine Vol. 1-January 2020

Void Magazine Issue 114-April 2020

Shoutout Miami-March 2021

Exhibitions and Projects

Jax Art Showcase (APB)-March 2020 (Group)

'Deeply Rooted' Project with Ebony McKnight-March 2021

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